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Golden Apple: Janet Bruyninckx

APPLING, Ga. (WJBF) - Janet Bruyninckx has teaching in her DNA.
"My mom was a teacher," Bruyninckx says. "My dad was a teacher. I've been teaching stuffed animals. I've been teaching forever. I've known forever."
Today her North Columbia Elementary 3rd graders are mastering their clock calculating skills.
"We were learning elapsed time, so how long from a start time to an end time, how long that is. How long that takes. That's tricky sometimes for 3rd graders to count how long something lasts."
Tricky, but all part of the challenge this year.
"Third grade is a huge jump from 2nd grade. The responsibility that we expect that they have. The work level that they have to do. They really have to be deep thinkers and they have to explain their thinking a lot. We really see that progress as they go through 3rd grade."
Mrs. Bruyninckx has also been known to break out a few funny voices to get and keep her students' attention.
"I'm very terrible. I must say. (that's not bad. I thought I was in England for a minute. Pretty good.) Whatever comes to mind. I'm really kind of crazy in here. We dance around. We joke around. There's just no telling."
Lots of jokes. Lots of fun. And lots of learning in Janet Bruyninckx's class at North Columbia.
"I love just the bond that you make with the families," she says. "You get different siblings. I love the bond you make with all the families, affecting their lives."

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