Golden Apple: Diana McElmurray

Mrs. McElmurray teaches Spanish and teaches her students about the world.

(Augusta, GA WJBF) - Diana McElmurray came a very long way to get to this classroom.
"I am from Nicaragua and I have a degree in Journalism and I never thought to be a teacher," McElmurray says. "And when I came to the United States, I thought, why don't I share my language and my culture?"
So she taught herself English, and now she teaches her students how to love Spanish.
"I just try to bring music and they love music. And songs. And I think that way they love to learn. They are so passionate and they are so happy every day they come and I love that."
Mrs. McElmurray says knowing her native language can help students in so many ways.
"I say if you learn Spanish, you are having an extra career. You can go anywhere. You just go to Atlanta, and there are places where they just speak Spanish."
 "If you know Spanish, and somebody is talking about you, you will know what they're saying about you. You pretend like you don't speak Spanish. They like that."
And these Augusta Christian students are learning the impact and the influences of the language all over the world.
"And knowing there's not just Mexico. There are 21 countries that speak Spanish. Every country has their own culture. We have the same culture, but differences. Different food. We bring food and they say, oh it's not just tacos. It's aray pas, and a rose con a vee twail us."
Dianna McElmurray a great teacher bringing an important global perspective to her students at Augusta Christian.
"You never know, maybe your pal speaks Spanish right now, and knowing the language, it will help you to approach in the future," she says. "And for mission trips too, to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ."


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