Sky High Safari

We hope you're not afraid of heights for this next edition of Wild Encounters. Micah Rumsey takes to the skies for a different view of Riverbanks Zoo.  Here's the conversation with Attractions Supervisor Jacob Young.

Micah:  We're up in the air to start this edition of Wild Encounters, off the ground, having some fun.  I'm here with Jacob, the attraction supervisor, and tell me a little bit about where we are right now and the fun that goes along with it.

Jacob:  Yeah, so we're on the first level of our Sky High Safari.  It's a three level obstacle course.  You get hooked up in a harness and a sling line and you get to come up and choose what of the 25 obstacles you want to participate in.

Micah:  So how high do we get to on each of these levels?

Jacob:  So the first level is about 15 feet.  As you go up, it's about 20 on the second level.  On the top level, you're about 45 feet up in the air.

Micah:  So 45 feet up in the air, so if you're afraid of heights…it's ok.  It's still safe.  Very safe, right?

Jacob:  Yeah.  It can be a bit of a challenge.  For those who have a fear of heights, it's still definitely a good time.

Micah:  And one of the best parts of this is we're still at the zoo, so as you look out, we're seeing all sorts of animals around us.

Jacob:  Yeah, definitely.  You get a great view of the giraffes.  You also get a good view of the alligator over there.

Micah:  Excellent.  So, you come on up here and kind of get also the bird's eye view that a bird may have.

Jacob:  Yeah, definitely.  You get a cool view of an animal that's usually 20 feet above you and you get to see eye-to-eye to a giraffe sometimes so it's really neat.

Micah:  And the obstacles that we have, different skill levels…different challenge levels.

Jacob:  Yeah, so this course is definitely a challenge for some people…challenge by choice is you want to say it.  So some obstacles are pretty easy but some can be pretty challenging.  So even for myself, there's an x-net on the third level that gives me a hard time sometimes.

Micah:  Alright, so come out here to Riverbanks Zoo.  Do the Sky High Safari.  You're going to be going up all sorts of levels, challenging yourself and getting the coolest views of the giraffes, the alligators, the whole deal.  Come try it out for yourself.


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